What is larry.pub?

A New Home for "The Yii Book"

The bottom line is that my SSL certificate for yii.larryullman.com was expiring. I want to move LarryUllman.com off of its current server, but I don't have time to do that now. Rather than undertake a huge migration, I thought it best to just move the Yii book website first, and worry about the rest of LarryUllman.com later. So that's why I've made this change, and why I've made it now. But this site will also be...

A Future Home for Other Books

Right now, I'm completely burnt out on writing books, so the idea of ever writing another is...less great. But when I started writing "The Yii Book", it was my assumption that I'd eventually self-publish other books, too. And, I still might. Should that day ever come--and it wouldn't be soon, now all of my self-published books have one home. If you want, you can think of it like Leanpub, but just for me.