The Yii Book
by Larry Ullman

A clear, concise, and thorough guide to the Yii framework.

This book is nothing short of BRILLIANT!...Even on a skim read, I get so much more of the logic to Yii (I knew it was there somewhere). You've just laid out, what I need to know, in the right order, and not left huge bits out...Thank you Larry...this book is a delight to have.

- Giles

This is a rare opportunity, to be able to read a book while it's being written, to be able to contribute to it and to see it being molded as it goes. It's also very nice when it comes from such a great writer and on such a great tool. I'm enjoying the book as I enjoyed the previous articles.

- Andre

I have tried to learn Yii for two years so far, I bought books, I went through the Blog tutorial, but never got hooked. Thanks to this book I am understanding for the first time many of the things that were dark to me, it is very well written and explained. Thanks!

- Chakir

I wish I had this book when I started working with Yii a year ago. It would have kept me from developing some bad habits and making lots of mistakes. I really appreciate your thorough writing style - easy for me to understand.

- Charles

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